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Recap for the Week!

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I didn’t get a ton of sewing done this week, but I did finish a few things, which felt great. I have one quilt in my sights for next week as it only needs a binding, so that is my goal. My biggest finish for this week was a very quick quilt I made for […]

Sew Out Loud QAL – Entry #2

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I decided to give another block a try as an entry for the Sew Out Loud contest. My embroidery is not so good, but my block should give the idea. It is a stack of quilty books that have punny titles. “Sewing Farm” “War & Quilting” “Quilter in the Rye” “A Patchwork Orange” “One Flew […]

Sew Out Loud QAL – Block Entry

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One of my favorite blogs, Very Kerry Berry, was a participant in the Sew Out Loud quilt along. Due to her postings on her blog, I got interested in the blocks they were making. These bloggers are SUPER talented. I haven’t actually tried any of the blocks yet (intimidated much?), but when I saw they […]

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