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Electric Quilt 7 – Basic Quilt Making Tutorial

Every year my husband and I choose what we want for Mother’s Day/Father’s Day. We used to surprise each other, but now we use it as a way for each of us to choose a special thing that we wouldn’t get otherwise. This year I chose Electric Quilt 7. I picked it up a little early, and have been playing around with it for a few days. I have only scraped the surface of what the program can do, but I have had fun building some quilts in there. I decided to write a quick pattern for my Scrappy Irish Chain quilt as practice, since it’s one of my more popular posts on my blog. I figured while I was doing that, I may as well write an EQ7 tutorial too.

I will have the tutorial for the actual quilt in another post soon, but for now you can download the PDF instructions for building this in EQ7 here:

Electric Quilt 7 Basic Tutorial

If you have any questions (or notice any errors, I just typed it up quick!!), please feel free to ask or let me know!

Happy Quilting!