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Rainbow Quilt with Blended Fabrics

First off I want to say a big thank you to the two bloggers who joined me for my very first Virtual Sew Day. Leila, from Where the Orchids Grow and Mary, from Mary.Emmens were great fun to quilt with and seemed to get a lot of sewing done, which was the goal!! It was nice to not be talking to myself all day.

If you are interested in joining along next time, I plan to have another Virtual Sew Day on May 20th. This will be the weekend after the US Mother’s Day. It should be a lot of fun, so mark your calendars!!

The project I was working on was binding my rainbow quilt. I finally finished my quilt today. Here it is!

This quilt will be given to a friend of mine.

My friend organizes a luncheon that includes a raffle and silent auction each year for the breast cancer center he works for. Donations help raise money for women getting tested for or having to deal with breast cancer.

The back of this quilt is a floral print that I had in my stash, my quilter thought it might be a vintage sheet, which is quite possible since it was wider than normal. I have used sheets as backing many times and have always had good success.

Even though I have my own longarm, I knew this quilt needed something special done with it. Mary, over at Quilt Hollow was able to quilt my quilt with a wonderful flower pattern.

She fit me into her schedule and had the quilt back to me in record time since the function happens near Mother’s Day, I didn’t have much time to get it done. Here is a shot of the quilting from the back.

I took the quilt to this great park we have near us that used to be a zoo/amusement park. It was fun to get some different shots of the quilt.

As I said, this weekend for the Virtual Sew Day, I worked on the binding for this quilt. I chose some kona grey I had in my stash, I wasn’t sure how it would look, but I think it actually frames the quilt well.

I used my own binding tutorial for this one. I was going to machine stitch it to the back, but I decided to go ahead and take the time to hand tack it to the back.

I finally finished today. Now all I have to do is put a label on the quilt and it will be all done.

I know whoever wins this quilt will love and appreciate it. I will also be bidding on this quilt as, let’s be honest, I would love to keep it all for myself!! hehe

Happy Quilting!

**ETA I just found out (like literally minutes after I posted this) that my friend is no longer with the breast cancer center, but he has moved on to Fundraising for the Boy Scouts. So it looks like the quilt will be staying with me for a while. I was only associated with this center through my friend, but no worries, this quilt will be loved, and perhaps one day will find a wonderful charity to help out. I am sad about this, but I have learned in life that all things happen for a reason.

12 thoughts on “Rainbow Quilt with Blended Fabrics

  1. It looks wonderful, well done! I’ve been meaning to email to ask how Sunday had gone…I finished the binding on my quilt on Monday. I used Red Peppers tutorial and it worked pretty well, thanks for the tip off. It’s been washed and dried, just need the rain to stop to get some photo’s. I’ll put May 20th in my diary!

  2. Your quilt is lovely! I love that last pic! And I’d love to join in on your next virtual sew day.

  3. I love this rainbow quilt. What a great, simple idea!

  4. Hi! Visiting from tt&j! Oh my! I love your quilt!! Its amazing! I wish I had something like this.. it looks comfy too 🙂

    Im going to poke around your site a little more.. I would love for you to share this at my Friday link party! 🙂

  5. Such a pretty rainbow quilt! I love the picture of it on the big red shoe. 🙂 I’m sure you will find the right home for it in time.

  6. Ohhhh! That is just SO beautiful! I love, love, LOVE the rainbow design! GORgeous!! I wish I could make something like that…and if I did I’d never be able to give it away! Would you consider sharing this project here?

  7. What a great quilt! I love the picture by the big show, just wonderful.


  9. I’ve posted a glimpse of this post on my blog today.

    1. Thanks so much! I had fun taking creative pics of the quilts.

  10. I found your blog through Quilt Hollow, and I’m so glad I did! One look at your beautiful quilt hanging off the “Shoe” brought back many happy memories and new ones for my family as we are now hiking in this beautiful park! What a wonderful place for a mini photo shoot for your rainbow quilt. Just beautiful! It’s such a small world and it was really neat to find your site and see this familiar place. Thank you! Love your quilts! ~Take Care

    1. That’s so great! We love this park and i remember going to it as a child too (though I was quite young). It truly is a small world!!


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