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Virtual Sew Day – Mid-Morning Update

To learn about virtual sew day, be sure to check out this post.

I have been sewing now for a few hours and have gotten a few steps closer to my goals.

First off I started the morning by sewing up a few blocks for my solids only quilt. Which was goal #3. I do hope to get a few more done today, but I am happy to have accomplished at least one goal so far!!

I also got started on the binding for my first quilt. I was reading Mary’s goals today on her blog, and discovered that she cut binding strips using her Accuquilt Go! I haven’t used my Baby Go! much and I couldn’t remember which dies I had picked up, but I knew I had one strips one. Luckily for me I had been smart enough to pick up the 2.5″ one, which is perfect for binding. Since my cutting board is currently being taken over by projects,

I decided to take Mary’s idea and give it a go (get it a Go!? hehehe).

I folded up the fabric so I could get 5 strips from my first cut. I was cutting through 6 layers of fabric on one side and 4 on the other.

It went through the Go! pretty well, but I could tell things were kind of bunching up.

There was not much scrap leftover from the cut, though i think if I had taken the time to clear off my cutting board and trim everything up and cut it with a ruler, I *may* have gotten one more strip out of it, but for the time saving and space saving aspect, I was okay with that.

The first set of strips were a little ruffley and pinch folded in spots,

but I think this was more my own fault for not ironing and not being careful as I ran it through the machine. The second set of strips was fine.

I had a heck of a time actually sewing mys trips together this time. Usually I never have to unpick my binding, but for some reason half my strips went on backwards so I had to do a lot of unpicking and resewing. I hate doing that, but I sucked it up and everything turn out fine in the end. Hopefully my binding goes on the quilt much easier than it went together.

So that’s what I have gotten done so far. Now I am off to keep plugging along. I hope everyone else is getting a lot done today too.

Happy Quilting!

3 thoughts on “Virtual Sew Day – Mid-Morning Update

  1. Love your solids quilt blocks.

    Wow I would love one of those die cutting machines – they look like fun.

    That grey plain is my absolute favourite at the moment too.

    Happy stitching!

    1. Thanks! I had a really hard time picking a binding for this quilt and honestly I am not sure grey is the best, but I think it will look good enough. I will have pics of the quilt by the end of the day. I hope you have more blocks made up too I cannot wait to see the whole thing done!!


  2. I got the 2.5″ die as I wasn’t sure what I would use but thought it would be so handy – and it is! Mine came out fine so you might just have to blame your lack of ironing! I think I did 4 layers at a time…

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