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Black Friday Weekend

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Black Friday is quickly approaching! Where did this year go already? Be sure to check back here on Friday, November 28 for more information. I will also have more on Etsy that day. You can see the shop here: Scrapendipity Designs I will be hosting a special giveaway! More details to come. Happy Crafting! Rachel

Recap for the Week!

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I didn’t get a ton of sewing done this week, but I did finish a few things, which felt great. I have one quilt in my sights for next week as it only needs a binding, so that is my goal. My biggest finish for this week was a very quick quilt I made for […]

Random Bookmark of the Day

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Last night I was perusing some of my bookmarks in If you have never heard of that site, it’s similar to the newly popular Pin It site (can’t think of the name right now), but has been around for years. You can use the site to keep track of web bookmarks using one picture […]

Quilting? What’s That?

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Hello out there in blogland!! Today is such a dreary day outside, that I wanted to share some of my latest quilting projects with you when I realized I haven’t really been quilting lately!! I do have quite a few older projects I need to post (which I will do eventually), but between getting ready […]

Weekend Prequel

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I am so looking forward to this weekend!! I have so many aspirations for getting things done. Most likely many of them will not happen, but it is so much fun to go into a weekend with such high hopes. If you take time out of your weekend plans to read this little post, be […]

Busy/Sad Month

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You may notice that my blog is going to be a little quiet for a bit. This has been a rough month so far. On November 30th I had one Grandmother pass away. We held her funeral on Saturday, December 4th. Then sadly on Sunday, December 5th, we found out that my other grandmother passed. […]

I must admit

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I have blog envy. I hate to admit that, but I do. I have about 250 blogs in my Google Reader, and while I don’t read them all all the time, I do read a lot of them. They are all so very interesting and it gives me blog envy. I would love for this […]

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