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Sew Out Loud QAL – Entry #2

I decided to give another block a try as an entry for the Sew Out Loud contest. My embroidery is not so good, but my block should give the idea.

It is a stack of quilty books that have punny titles.

“Sewing Farm”
“War & Quilting”
“Quilter in the Rye”
“A Patchwork Orange”
“One Flew Over the Scrap Pile”
“To Kill a Y-Seam”
“Of Quilts and Men”
“A Quilters Guide to the Galaxy”
“Gone With the Pin”

Cute right? Or is it just me again?

The block also include a mini quilt (okay really mini judging by the size of the books!!) hanging on the wall. 🙂

Happy Quilting!