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Football Shirt & Accessories Roundup!

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With football season fast approaching, now is the time to pick up some unique shirts for the family and some great accessories to go with them! This shirt is perfect for the football mom watching her little (or not so little) ones play this fun sport! Football Mom Shirt Accessorize this shirt with a personalized […]

What Size Shirt Do I Need?

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Buying shirts online can be a scary proposition! Every seller uses a different brand shirt, and you can never really be sure of how the shirts will fit. Today I am going to explain more about the shirts I use in my shop and how you can find just the perfect size for you or […]

The Last of my Bee Creative Blocks

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I have already finished the whole quilt top, but I wanted to post up the rest of the blocks before I showed you the whole top put together. These are the last of the blocks that were made for my Bee Creative Halloween quilt. By Behindtheseams: From abbyreed3: From mamamary2: From Lynds0517: There are a […]

Playing with the New Machine

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About 2 weeks ago I finally had my Handiquilter machine delivered. The girl that I bought it from brought it over and her husband set up the whole thing in our basement. Luckily it fit the spot we were thinking for it perfectly. We had to rearrange the whole basement to clear that spot, but […]

A New Toy!

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I have a new toy coming to my home real soon: A woman local to me had her Handiquilter 16 for sale as she had already upgraded to a newer version, and while it wasn’t really in the plans right now, the price was right, we had the money, so we went for it! I […]

365 Quilt Progress

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I have not mentioned my 365 Day quilt lately, and I didn’t want you to think I had given up on it! Obviously this is a year long project, so posting about it every day just would not be interesting. Things have been going well so far, but I have not been writing on my […]

My Sewing Corner

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Last weekend I had a bit of a scare. I don’t really have a sewing room, and I like to be around my family when I sew anyway, so I sew in my bedroom. I had two wooden tray tables set up with a towel over them so I could iron. My sewing machine was […]

More Bee Creative Blocks

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I just wanted to take the chance to show you a few more blocks that have been posted for my Bee Creative Swap swap. June is my month, and I sent all my swap partners some Halloween fabric. They basically had free reign to do any style and any size. It has been so fun […]

Scrappy Irish Chain

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This is my latest finish. When I first got back into quilting about a year and a half ago, I saw this quilt design on the Quiltville website. She called it a ‘Scrappy Irish Chain’. Her background was in white, but I happened to have a whole bolt of black from a yard sale find, […]

Orange Fabric for Dear Jane

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Before I even had everything figured out for my Dear Jane quilt, I did know that I wanted to make it in blues and oranges. This is one of my favorite color combinations, probably because of the year I spent at Syracuse University. I knew the blues would be a solid colored fabric, most likely […]

Twice the Craziness

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If making one Dear Jane quilt makes you crazy, what would you be if you made two? I finally got the software for my Dear Jane quilt about a week or so ago. The software is actually pretty nice. It took a little reading to be able to use it properly, but the instruction book […]

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