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A New Toy!

I have a new toy coming to my home real soon:

A woman local to me had her Handiquilter 16 for sale as she had already upgraded to a newer version, and while it wasn’t really in the plans right now, the price was right, we had the money, so we went for it!

I will get the machine on August 1, and then I get to play. I have picked up a few orphan tops from a woman that was cleaning out her quilt room, which I will use for practice. I think this will definitely help me get past the piecing stage to the completed quilt stage.

Happy Quilting,

3 thoughts on “A New Toy!

  1. Good for you!! Wished that was sitting pretty in my sewing room 🙂 Can’t wait to hear/see how you do….Good Luck!

    1. Thanks!! I cannot wait for it to get here, I am beyond excited and a little shocked that my husband agreed to it!! 🙂

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