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My Sewing Corner

Last weekend I had a bit of a scare. I don’t really have a sewing room, and I like to be around my family when I sew anyway, so I sew in my bedroom. I had two wooden tray tables set up with a towel over them so I could iron. My sewing machine was on one and I would rotate between having my cutting mat on the other and nothing but the towel for ironing. This set up was always up so I could hop on the machine to sew anytime I wanted. Well last weekend, hubby and I were awakened by a deafening crash in the middle of the night. My fat cat decided she needed to be on the tables, and knocked them over along with my brand new sewing machine. Ugh. Hubby said I needed something better than that, so we went out and got me a real sewing table from Sears.

With this table I can lower my sewing machine bed so it is level, which will make machine quilting so much easier!! But the best part is, it’s stable. It is pretty much the same size as the set up I had previously, but I don’t have to worry about my cats knocking it over anytime soon.

Since I really liked being able to iron as I sewed, I have covered the table with two layers of batting and my towel. They are just placed on the table like a tablecloth, so they can come off when I want to machine quilt.

I cleaned up the rest of my sewing corner in my room, it’s a bit cramped, but it works for me. Next to my sewing table I have my desk, which has my computer that I can turn to watch TV or movies on as I sew. It also has a bin that holds my two inch squares that I use for my leaders and enders, as well as my scissors and rotary cutter. I also have a little tin for trash and a bowl that holds odds and ends. My iron also sits on my desk. Not the best place for it to be as I almost always end up with a burn or two after a long day of sewing, but it is convenient.

Across from the sewing table, I have my bookcase. It has all my works in progress stacked up …

The boxes hold projects that I am currently working on, while all the stuff stacked around it are patterns and pieces of fabric that will soon go into a new quilt.

So now you have seen my sewing corner, it’s not the best set up in the world, but it allows me to be able to sew and spend time with my family, so it works for me.

Happy Quilting!

2 thoughts on “My Sewing Corner

  1. I like it. Before our daughters moved out and the extra bedroom was up for grabs as my sewing room, My sewing center was a section of the living room. It worked well, crowded yes..But in the thick and thin of family…I miss those days. Thanks for sharing and bringing back great memories for me. Happy Quilting!!

    1. Ah yes sometimes i wish for quieter days, but I know I will miss the hub bub once those quieter days come!! 🙂


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