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Random Bookmark of the Day

Last night I was perusing some of my bookmarks in If you have never heard of that site, it’s similar to the newly popular Pin It site (can’t think of the name right now), but has been around for years. You can use the site to keep track of web bookmarks using one picture from the page. I really enjoy using it as it gives me a nice visual of ideas. I thought it would be fun to use a random number generator to pick one of my bookmarks/pictures to share with you. I have a lot of quilty stuff in there, as well as scrapbooking and cooking, so it’ll be fun to see what gets picked to share.

So I have 442 pictures saved in my account. Using, it told me to share picture number 167 with you. So here it is:

Well isn’t that just darling?? This is a funny picture from i can has cheeseburger. I have this blog in my feed reader for when I need a little giggle. Usually this site puts funny captions on pictures of cats, but this one was so random I found it quite amusing and decided to bookmark it!

I hope you are having a great Friday! You should take a browse through your own bookmarks today, you never know what amusing things you might find! (If you find something totally random, feel free to share it here with us!)

Happy Quilting!

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  1. He’s the cutest little bamboo muncher. Thank-you for the cheery pic, hope you have a great day!

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