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I must admit

I have blog envy. I hate to admit that, but I do. I have about 250 blogs in my Google Reader, and while I don’t read them all all the time, I do read a lot of them. They are all so very interesting and it gives me blog envy. I would love for this blog to be alive with not only my quilting escapades, but my own voice too. Cupcake ‘n’ Daisies recently asked her readers what makes a good blog, and when I went to post, I thought about what I like in a blog. I like blogs that have a focus, photography, food, quilting, crafting, scrapbooking, finance …. But I also like when these writers incorporate their own lives into the blog. This is something I generally don’t do, and something I want to work on! I know there are not many of you reading this out there right now, with I’m cool with that, but I am not trying to impress anyone, I am just trying to share a little about me and about being crafty. So this long winded brain dump is to simply remind myself to not have so many expectations for my blog.

And since I think every blog post is so boring without a picture, here is one I took of my son’s Toy Story Legos, I was trying to get all fancy with my new DSLR. I actually think the pic is quite endearing.


Happy Quilting,