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Virtual Sew Day and More Patterns!

So I have been keeping up with Virtual Sew Day over at, even though I haven’t been posting it so much here. Tomorrow is another one! Honestly I haven’t been doing much sewing lately (hence the quiet blog), but now that I am creating patterns, I am starting to feel the sewing bug again. Tomorrow I will be working on some of my new patterns and maybe a few other projects thrown in for fun. If you would like to join in, Virtual Sew Day is just a fun day where you sew at home, I sew at home, and then we chat about our progress to keep each other motivated. You can post here, or check out the post I will start over at

I have created quite a few new patterns. You can pick any of them up at my Etsy shop or my Craftsy shop. These are all fabric applique patterns. They are sold as templates only. Here are a few new ones I have added, I will post some of the actual fabric blocks tomorrow as well.

First up we have a large pack of alien monsters. These guys would look great as a whole quilt. The pack, however, only includes the templates not quilt instructions, so use your imagination to build something fun!! All these patterns are also sold individually.

Next up I have something based on our recent trip to Disney World. These Mickey ice cream pops were everywhere and really signified that you had arrived. This one has a big bite out of it, but I also have one with no bite in my shop.

To go with the alien monsters, I also created a few space themed applique patterns like this rocketship. I think these would look great sprinkled in with the monsters as well!

And lastly, I know it’s a bit odd to see food as a fabric applique, but I just thought it would be fun to see a quilt made of classic foods!! This pizza slice is one of the ones I have in my shop.

These are just a couple examples, I have more in my shop, so be sure to check them all out!! Tomorrow I will have some examples of what these look like when made out of actual fabric!!

Happy Quilting!