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New Applique Halloween Patterns

I has been a while since I last sewed!! Of course I always love sewing, but sometimes it gets put aside for a while in the name of other pursuits. But I recently slowly started back up again, and the first thing I started with was making some patterns. I am having fun creating these, and of course I have a whole treasure trove of ideas locked away in my head to create. I am selling my patterns on Etsy and Craftsy. They are applique patterns, but the patterns themselves do not include applique instructions. I have used at least 5 different applique methods myself, and a Google search can yield hundreds of options, so I decided to only include the patterns and let people use their own preferred method. So you want to see my patterns? Here you go!

First up is some wordage. I love words in quilts, and of course Halloween words are just the best. I started with two smaller words eek ….

and boo …

Both words are included in one pattern, and I provided the right side and reverse pattern as well. The pattern can be found here:

Eek-Boo Halloween Pattern at Etsy
Eek-Boo Halloween Pattern at Craftsy

The second pattern is a fun monster who is looking not too happy.

I had fun making this little guy. I had a hard time deciding on the eyebrows, but ultimately I liked his angry look. Of course you can feel free to change the eyebrow placement to get a whole slew of expressions! The pattern for this guy can be found here:

Cute Monster Halloween Pattern at Etsy
Cute Monster Halloween Pattern at Craftsy

The third pattern is a fun and playful Frankenstein.

Since I went angry with the monster, I decided to make Franky a little more playful. I guess he is just happy to be alive!! The pattern for Franky can be found here:

Frankenstein Halloween Pattern at Etsy
Frankenstein Halloween Pattern at Craftsy

And last for today is a bubbling Witch’s Cauldron.

I have always loved the look of a bubbling witch’s brew. Is she making spells and potions, or just dinner? You can get the pattern for the cauldron here:

Witch’s Cauldron Halloween Pattern at Etsy
Witch’s Cauldron Halloween Pattern at Craftsy

That’s it for today!! I have a few more in the works that will get posted soon, but I had so much fun making these ones. I hope other people enjoy them as much as me.

Happy Quilting!