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My Mother’s Quilt

My grandmother started my mother’s quilt in the early 90’s I believe. She hand pieced the entire thing. Here is a shot of the hand piecing from the back of the quilt.


The whole quilt is made up of individual diamonds, which end up looking like stars because of the color arrangement.


The whole quilt is not very big, I wish I could make it bigger, but I don’t think I have enough fabric left over. It will have to be more like a twin size quilt, though a queen would fit my mom’s bed better.


The fabrics in this quilt are obviously quite old, but there is one in particular that makes me smile. The yellow check below is the same fabric my grandma used in my baby blanket. I dragged my quilt around with me until it literally fell to pieces, so it makes me smile that a piece of it lives on in this quilt.


One of the issues I am going to have in finishing this quilt will be the edges. I am not sure I can leave them as is, as putting a binding on that will be very hard for me, but I would also hate to cut the quilt to make the edges straight. I may end up appliqueing the edges onto a straight binding. We shall see.


I will machine quilt this for my mom once I am better at using my machine. That means I probably won’t finish it for at least a year! I want it to be finished perfectly for my mom.

Happy Quilting!

2 thoughts on “My Mother’s Quilt

  1. Wow! all that hand piecing…amazing…and it’s beautiful too! Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. I know how to finish it… I did a similar quilt years ago. Half the diamonds so you have a straight edge.

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