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Bug Jar Quilt

During the big ‘Fall into Fall’ giveaway, I had a visitor comment on one of my other posts. The visitor was Mary of Needled Mom. She left me a comment on my Quilt Show Part 2 post saying that she had previously made the ‘Bug Jar Quilt’ that I mentioned wanting to make. Here is the quilt from the quilt show I went to see:

My own thoughts on this one were “Love this quilt. It is a commercial pattern and I will make it someday. I just have to get the pattern … and the fabrics … and well … the time. But someday I will!”, so when Mary said she had made it before of course I asked her where she got the pattern as I had been looking for it for some time. Mary had made the quilt many years ago for her grandson, but she took a peek through her stash to see if she still had a copy of the pattern. Unfortunately she did not, but she did find an Etsy seller for me that did have a pdf copy of the pattern. Click on the pic below to be taken to the pattern for sale.

I had never heard of the seller, bcheri, before. I am hesitant to buy pdf’s of patterns as sometimes people just scan in their copy, which is obviously against copyright laws. The picture of the pattern didn’t have the pattern makers name on it, so I just wasn’t sure if the Etsy seller was the pattern maker, but I decided to take a chance on it anyway. The pattern is not a reproduction at all. The pdf is not scanned, it is an original pdf pattern. From the pdf itself I was able to determine that, Beth Maddocks of Piece By Number, is the pattern maker and the owner of the Etsy store I bought it from. That came with great relief as I could feel very comfortable using the pattern now. Beth had great service, she had the pattern to me within 24 hours of payment, and she followed up to be sure the pattern didn’t end up in my spam folder. I would highly recommend her as an Etsy seller.

I let Mary know that I had picked up the pattern, and thanked her for helping me find it. She then asked for my address as she wanted to send me a few buggy fabrics she had found in her stash. A few weeks later these pretties showed up on my doorstep:


Awesome right?! This gives me such a head start on collecting buggy fabrics!! It’s not always easy to find a good variety in a store, so I may do a trade for more buggy fabrics as well, but Mary’s generosity certainly got me started!

I am excited to get started collecting fabrics for this quilt, and even more excited that I may actually get this one done someday. Writing this blog has just been a fun way to share my projects with the world (as my husband only pretends to care), and meeting people like Mary is the icing on the cake!

Happy Quilting!