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Finished Chicken Top

A while back I showed you all my funky chicken swap blocks laid out ready to be sewn together. I never showed the full finished top, so here it is!




I was going to do a bunch of embroidery on it, but I wasn’t as inspired to do so as I thought I would be, so I just left what I did do and I am just going to finish it as is.

Happy Quilting!

2 thoughts on “Finished Chicken Top

  1. Rachel this quilt is to-die-for adorable!! Really, really cute! Where’d you come up with the pattern/idea?

    1. The blocks were made as part of a swap I did on quilting boards. So I only made 2 or 3 of the blocks in there. Aren’t some of the ideas (actually all) amazing?? It was a funky chicken swap, and man people really came up with some funky ideas!!

      Thanks for looking!

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