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Family Reunion Pattern

A while back I started following a blog called A Bee in My Bonnet. Lori Holt is the blog owner, and she has the best applique patterns I have seen in a while. I am not big on traditional quilt patterns, so hers entertain me. I am particularity smitten with one called Family Reunion.

Click on the title of the pattern to see pictures of Lori’s finished quilt. The pattern can be picked up at Material Girls or if you are lucky, like me, on Etsy.

Since nothing is short of an adventure with me, especially since I have the worst memory in the world, of course it wasn’t easy for me to get this pattern in my hands.

First off, I have been putting off buying this pattern, because though it is well worth the price, at about $25.00 it is a little pricey. Finally one day I had $30 dumped into my Paypal account for a bunch of referrals I had made. It was like a sign, this money was meant to be used to buy me this pattern.

Unfortunately Material Girls does not take Paypal for payment, so I turned to Etsy. When I was doing my search I could not remember the right name of the pattern, so I typed in something like “Quilt Bee Bonnet” and a bunch of stuff came up including this pattern also by Lori …

That’s it! I thought and I quickly made my purchase before I reminded myself of the eighty-million more important ways that money could be used. I was so tickled at having bought it, that about a half hour later I went to Lori’s site to look at the pictures and dream of making the pattern. When I got there, I quickly realized my mistake!! While the pattern I bought was very nice, it wasn’t the one I have been lusting for.

I quickly hopped back over to Etsy and sent a 911 message to my seller telling her that I bought the wrong thing and was there anyway she could switch them or refund my money? Pretty please with ice cream on top? I crossed all my fingers and toes, braided my hair, and spun around in a circle three times while I awaited a response.

Lucky for me, my seller was so kind and understanding and said she would switch out the patterns and send me the one I really wanted. Yay!! I love wonderful sellers, and this one should get lots of love. So if you are ever in dire need of something quilty on Etsy, please check out Piper’s Girls, she is pretty awesome.

Happy Quilting!

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