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I have been fascinated by crazy quilts lately.

All the beading and embroidery is so yummy to me.

I have never really done much more than an outline stitch as far as embroidery is concerned, but I really want to start using this on my regular quilts.

So I decided that I would do some embroidery on my ‘Funky Chicken’ quilt. Since it already had a few beads and buttons for embellishments, I thought it would be a great one to practice this technique on.

For supplies, I just went to Michael’s and bought two embroidery hoops in different sizes, some embroidery needles, and a bunch of colors of DMC floss. Then I went to my favorite places for inspiration, Flickr and Google.

After finding pictures that inspired me, I looked around the web for some websites that would show me how to do the actual stitches. A really good one I found was this one:

Embroidery Stitches Library

I think I will print the stitches out and put them in a binder for better viewing and probably make a sampler with each stitch type on it for practice. But I had fun this past weekend trying out some of these stitches on my chicken quilt. They are by no means perfect, but I imagine as I do more of it, my technique will improve. I will show pictures of my embroidering soon!

Happy quilting!