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Breast Cancer Quilt for a Friend

About a year ago I found out a friend of mine had breast cancer. She is doing fine today, but I cannot even fathom having to go through such an ordeal. I was at a loss for what to do for her, so I decided to fall back on my passion and make her a quilt. This is actually the first full blown quilt I have given away to someone outside my immediate family. I used lots of pink and the pattern is a wonky star pattern that was popular at the time. I ended up tying the quilt instead of actually “quilting” it as I was not confident in my ability to quilt it on my machine at the time, and I did not know about Long Arm Quilters then either. I hope that she enjoys it and that it may bring her even just a little comfort.

Happy Quilting!

3 thoughts on “Breast Cancer Quilt for a Friend

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  2. I have been making wonky stars for a while now, but I don’t know what to do with them. I really like how yours look next to each other, but I don’t think mine would look good like that.

    I am sure she got a lot of comfort from this quilt!

  3. Just found out my cousin has breast cancer. I want to make her a quilt to comfort her durning chemo. i love this design.

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