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Tons of new PDF Applique Patterns and Templates in the Store!

Happy Halloween!! I hope everyone’s day is going very ghouly. Halloween was unfortunately postponed until Saturday in our town due to hurricane Sandy. Luckily we personally did not lose power or have anything bad happen to us because of the storm, but it did hit our town pretty hard. So instead of worrying about trick or treaters tonight, we are going to have our own little party just the three of us. We are all going to pick one favorite snack, we will turn on some good Halloween flicks, and we drink and be merry all night long! We all enjoy the holiday, so this will be a great way to celebrate it.

If you haven’t checked out my applique pattern store over at Etsy yet, I would highly recommend it. 🙂 I recently changed the name to match my business name here, so it is officially Scrapendipity Designs now! You can visit the shop here:

Scrapendipity Designs on Etsy

I have been designing and posting like crazy lately and now have over 103 patterns in my shop! Every time I make a new one, it becomes my favorite. 🙂 I have 10 sections in my shop (Etsy only allows 10, which is just a pain, but I deal with it since I have to!), here are a few of my newer items:

Animal Applique Patterns Section
Sheep Applique Template

Fish in a Bag Applique Pattern

Christmas / Winter Applique Patterns
Santa Gnome Applique Template

Santa Loves Me Applique Pattern

Food Applique Patterns
Chocolate Covered Strawberry Applique Template

I Want S’More Applique Pattern

Other Applique Patterns
Zombie Survival Kit Applique Pattern

Matchstick Zombie Survival Applique Template

This is just a small sampling of what I have made, so be sure to check out my shop to see more!!

Happy Quilting!