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Pure Layer Cake

Recently I won a $25 gift card to the Fat Quarter Shop. I decided to put this to good use to pick up a layer cake of the ‘Pure’ line by Sweetwater for Moda. I have been in love with this line since before it came out when FQS just had previews of it up. This was a great chance to pick it up.


I enjoy shopping at FQS, they always have quick service and their stuff is well packaged. While I was waiting for my layer cake to arrive, I perused the web for some patterns that would work with a layer cake. I wanted to try and make a quilt with only this layer cake, no extra fabric added. I knew it would be a challenge, but I did find a wonderful pattern on the Moda Bake Shop blog. This is a fun blog where all sorts of people post tutorials for making quilts, many of which are using Moda’s pre-cuts, which is wonderful. I ended up picking the ‘Boxed in Quilt’ pattern by KarrieLyne of Freckled Whimsy. (click the picture to be taken to the pattern)

She wrote the pattern to go with the Lollipop Layer cake, which has a few solids in it, but she mentioned that you could also do a layer cake with no solids, and just move the centers around. This is what I decided to do this with the ‘Pure’ layer cake. When the layer cake arrived, I paired up 40 of the squares, trying to have a decent contrast between the pairs.


Each of these pairs will have one fabric for the outside and one for the inside. Then it will be reversed. This allows each pair will make 2 blocks. The layout will be 8×5, and with the blocks finishing at 8.5 inches, the quilt will be 42.5×68. If I add a border on, I think this will make a nice sized quilt.

I had 2 extra squares because the layer cake came with 42 squares and I only needed 40, so I did a quick test of the blocks. You can see how the middles get changed and the two blocks end up being a reverse of each other.




This was my first time working with a layer cake. I am not quite sure how I like it. The pinking is a bit annoying, though I know without it; these blocks would be a stringy mess. I haven’t actually made more blocks yet, but by the time I am done this quilt, I think I will be very acquainted with working with a layer cake. My son Kolby has already laid claim to this quilt, so I better get cracking on it!

Happy Quilting!

4 thoughts on “Pure Layer Cake

  1. I like that layout!! I can’t wait to see how it comes out!!

    Now with measuring with the pinking cuts on it, do you count the outside of the triangles or the inside of the triangles?

    1. I *believe* the 10 inches starts from the points of the pinking, but it is not exact. I am just putting them together as is for now using the tips as the edges. I figure my 1/4 inch isn’t exact either (it usually ends up being too small), so in the end hopefully it will all work out. I am very used to not having things line up perfectly, so I am okay with that. LOL


  2. I love that pattern and that fabric. Can’t wait to see it when it’s done.

    I really like the variety in layer cakes but I feel the same way about the edges. I’ve noticed that a lot of the time the squares are slightly larger than 10 inches so I trim them down as I work. It takes a little extra time but in the end I’m happy to deal with straight edges.

  3. What a fun project that will be! I love the fabric you chose. It is so calming and happy. Can’t wait to see how this quilt comes together for you.

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