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Baby Blanket

This is my son’s baby blanket.


I made this 7 years ago when my son was born. Ihonestly knew very little (make that, next to nothing) about quilting at the time. I had only made a few other quilts before this one, so I decided to use a pattern that was simple to make and that I had used before. The pattern is called ‘Yellow Brick Road’. I would highly recommend it for beginners.

At the time, I didn’t know how to do a regular binding so I wrapped the backing to the front on all my quilts.


The backing was a cute dinosaur fabric that I had, and I still have pieces of that hanging around my house.


Here’s the part of the story that I am completely ashamed of though. This was not the first blanket I made. I put together another quilt, one that had much cuter fabrics than this one. I had the top finished, I basted the backing, batting, and top and then attempted to quilt it on my domestic machine. The thing was, I didn’t have a walking foot, didn’t know I needed one, so the quilt ended up all bunchy and weird looking because it wasn’t feeding through right. No big deal right? Just unpick and tie it like I had all my other quilts right? Well stupid, stupid me didn’t realize that unpicking was even an option. I threw the whole thing away. Yes, you heard me right. Only because my machine sewing was bad, I chucked this great quilt in the trash. I did not even remember this story until I took pictures of this quilt to share with all of you and the horror came flooding back to me. I absolutely cannot believe I was so stupid. I can only hope that someone way smarter than me rescued the quilt from the trash and unpicked it, like I should have, and made some child happy with it.

Even though I detest frogging, I certainly would have done it instead of wasting so much fabric and batting. I do not even have pictures of the first quilt, but I do remember that the fabrics were more boyish. I wanted the quilt done before he was born, so the I just grabbed whatever fabrics I had on hand. I can absolutely promise you I have never thrown away another quilt. My son loves this quilt, though he is not attached to it like a lot of children are to their blankies. I had a blankie that was basically rags by the time I was his age. He doesn’t ‘need’ this to sleep, but he will sleep with it. In fact he’ll sleep with it and 10 other quilts. He doesn’t have one favorite blanket, they are all his favorites.

Happy Quilting!

2 thoughts on “Baby Blanket

  1. Most of us made some sort of stupid mistake or another when we were first starting out. I wouldn’t be too hard on yourself. You have since learned so it could actually be looked at as a good experience. I do like the fabrics in your quilt and Yellow Brick Road is an excellent beginners pattern – it is also a great stash buster pattern.

  2. Oof! That’s rough. I’ve never thrown away a quilt, but I have done it with clothing I’ve tried to sew… the frustration just got to me! But, the replacement quilt is bright and happy, and was no doubt still perfect for a little baby boy. So at least there was still a happy ending to the story! 🙂

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