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Monkey Quilt

About a month ago I finished my second official quilt on my new longarm machine.


This is another top that was purchased from a woman on the quilting board I visit. I was also able to buy the cutest banana fabric for the backing from her, so all I had to do on this one was get it on the machine.


Here it is fresh off the machine.


This quilt went to a friend’s son who had his first birthday last month. I wanted to customize the quilting to make it more special than a quilt that could be bought at a store. Plus it gave me the chance to practice my skills on the long arm machine. The overall design of the quilting I went with was loops. This gave me something different to try from the meandering I did on the horse quilt, plus I think it’s a little bit more fun for a baby quilt.


I also put a few hearts in the quilting. This added a little bit of the extra customization I was going for and I think they look very cute framed by the brown blocks.


The last thing I did was I quilted her son’s name right into the design. I was a little scared to do this as I have heard that some people have a lot of trouble doing letters, and I knew if I screwed up I would have to unsew, and I think I have made my feelings on unsewing pretty clear. But I kept the letters nice and big and luckily his name is pretty easy to write in cursive. I think it actually came out really good.


Here is a shot of the back with the banana fabric.


This quilt was a lot of fun to make and it was great practice for a little extra customization using my longarm. Here is a full shot of the front of the quilt.


Happy Quilting!

3 thoughts on “Monkey Quilt

  1. CUTE!!

  2. I love the monkeys!!

    I am quite jealous of your long arm machine!

    1. Thanks! It is a fun new toy that actually gets my quilt finished. 🙂 I am still new at using it, but I am having a lot of fun.


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