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Log Cabin Quilts

A few months ago I was thinking about a quilt I would like to make. About 7 years ago I saw this awesome log cabin quilt book where the log cabins were put together in such a way as to create an actual picture. Here is an example of what I mean:

I thought this was such a neat idea, but at the time just didn’t have the skills to make something like that. So as I was thinking about this not too long ago, I decided I wanted to track that book down and see if I still wanted to try those.

With some help from the Quiltingboard, I found the book on Amazon. You can see it here:

I actually do not believe I still have the quilt set to make one of these, but I hope to get this book soon and maybe give it a try. This is the particular quilt that caught my fancy 7 years ago:

For now it’s just on my someday list, which is getting very long!! But be sure to check out that book, it is a really neat book and I think anyone would have fun making quilts from it!

Happy Quilting!