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A New Project

Soon I will be starting on a new project (ya know cause I really need a new one). I have decided to make myself a replica of Jane Sickle’s quilt that she made in 1863 during the American Civil War. Brenda Papadakis wrote a book that helps quilters replicate the blocks, and it’s called Dear Jane (Click the picture to see the details of the book):

And she also partnered with Electric Quilt to make a computer software that allows you to design your own Dear Jane quilt using the colors of your choice and prints out all the patterns for you.

There is a ‘support’ group of sorts for this quilt on where a bunch of members are working their way through the blocks. They post about their progress and are mostly just there to give tips and cheer everyone towards the finish line. One of the girls, Pat, was kind enough to create a mock-up for me of the idea I had in my head for my quilt. Here is what she created:

Isn’t it pretty? I had a gift certificate to Amazon recently, so I picked up the software myself. I will play around some more with the ideas Pat had, but blue and orange will be the direction my Dear Jane quilt will be taking.

Happy Quilting!

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