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More Journaling on the 365 Quilt

Just a quick update on my 365 Quilt! I have been doing good about keeping up with my journaling ideas for each day on paper, and I write a few blocks each day to try and catch up on fabric. I went Scrapbooking with a friend this past Friday, but instead of scrapbooking, I wrote out a bunch of my journal blocks. I go more for the company anyway, so it was good to get close to caught up. I have blocks through April 1st written now. Here are a few more of the journaling I have done, I will add the rest soon!

March 6 – Got our tax refund – Shopping Spree!
March 7 – Visiting my Mom
March 8 – My son buying 3 Nintendo DS games
March 9 – All about our cat Whiskers
March 10 – Doing our calorie diet
March 11 – My son watching Spongebob Squarepants
March 12 – Eating at a new Pizza place in town
March 13 – Watching the new movie, Alice in Wonderland
March 14 – My son’s first sleepover at a friend’s house

I hope these give you some ideas for your own quilt if you plan on making one! It’s fun for me to look back at these even now as I have already forgotten much of it. I am very excited to see this whole quilt come together.

Happy Quilting!