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Funky Chicken Swap

I have mentioned swaps before. In my last post I talked about the first type of swap I am in. Today I am going to talk about another. A few months ago I was browsing the swaps on a quilting forum I visit and I came across a “Funky Chicken” swap. I have a very odd obsession with chickens. I adore them. However, I do not own very many things that have chickens on them. Not sure why, maybe because I want to keep them special? Anyway when I saw this swap I knew I had to join!

For this swap, each participant had to make sets of blocks and mail them into the centralized hostess. Each set was 6 blocks all the same. The blocks could be any size so long as the finished size was divisible by 3 on both sides. We could send in as many sets as we wanted to, and however many blocks we sent in would be how many we would get back.

I ended up making 7 sets (42 blocks), which will hopefully make a good size quilt. Here are a few of he blocks I made:

Happy Quilting!

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  1. I like your new digs! The chickens are too cute! I would have never thought of putting them in a jar. Great job Rachel!

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