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Finally got a few pictures of my quilt, nothing too exciting, but it will show you my progress anyway. I have the first row of the quilt all written on and I am starting on the second row now. I have a good idea of how I am going to finish this quilt that I will share in another post soon.

Here is an overall picture of the quilt qhere you can see the top row done, and how I started on the second row:

You’ll notice that the third block in has my son’s writing, I am going to have him do this a few times on the quilt, but especially towards the end so we can see how his writing changes in just one year. The second block in has my husband’s writing on it too. I think it’s good to have both of them be a part of this quilt.

Here are two close-ups of blocks:

If you’re working on this project too, I’d love to see pictures!


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  1. now you have to scrapbook the pictures of your quilt 🙂

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