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Journaling Week One

So I have been good this week and kept up with my blocks, I will try and post what I journal about each week to hopefully give you some ideas if you are following along!

Here is my journaling for the first week:

1. About starting this project
2. Hubby’s journaling about his flat tire
3. Son’s name written by him, and explanation of his reward chart at school
4. My son being sick today
5. Working overtime at my job
6. My favorite snack & hubby making dinner
7. Hubby overcooking breakfast

As you can see none of these things are overly exciting parts of my life, but I think it will be exciting to read it all later. As a whole, this quilt will give a true slice of our lives together.

Let me know if you have started on this project yet and what some of your journaling has been!


2 thoughts on “Journaling Week One

  1. Rachel,
    I started this on Friday with the first block being what it is, the second block commemorating my daughter's first quilt block and the third about her and daddy making a paper mache mountain for her tran set!
    Thank you again for this inspiring idea

  2. That sounds great!! It’s not always easy to come up with something to write about, but I think if I make an effort to write about even the small things, it’ll be really special later on. 🙂 I’d love to see some pics of your blocks or the fabric your using if you have them!


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