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Now Offering Longarm Quilting Services!

I am very excited to announce that Dewberry Lane is now offering longarm quilting services!! If you are like me, you tend to have more tops laying around the house then you have completed quilts. Why not let us finish them up for you, so they can be used and loved? A quilt isn’t really a quilt until you see your loved ones snuggling under it in quilty bliss. In order to help you make this happen, we are currently offering a meandering quilting pattern for only $0.013 per square inch.

Since this is a new service we are offering, if you book your quilt in the month of June, you will receive 25% off the cost!! ($30.00 minimum applies) How can you pass that deal up? You can visit the store for more details on our services:

Longarm Quilting Services

I can’t wait to help all of you turn tops into quilts!!

Happy Quilting!