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Iraqi Bundles of Love II

If you haven’t heard of ‘Iraqi Bundles of Love’, a US soldier had a grassroots campaign last year to sending quilting supplies into Iraq for women that needed it. He ended up with well over 3,000 bundles of fabric to distribute.

He is doing this again this year in what he calls ‘Iraqi Bundles of Love II’. All you have to do to participate is fill a priority box (whichyou can get free at your post office) with a bundle of fabric and other various sewing supplies. Then you send the bundle to Iraq via an APO address, so the shipping cost is the regular price, and they will get distributed to women in Iraq. The women in that area don’t have access to the things we do here, so anything any of us can send would be a great help to them. The bundles need to be mailed by October 1, 2010, so if you want to get more details about participating check out the IBOL website:

Sew Mama Sew is also helping out by sending bundles of thread and pins. Last year there was a shortage of these things as most of us have plenty of fabric to share, but not so much thread. A bundle of thread costs $4, which is below their own cost for the items, and it will be sent right over to Iraq. I bought 2 so far, but they will probably sell out quick, so be sure to head over there. You can see their post about this here:

Happy Quilting!