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It wasn’t until I started visiting a quilting forum that I heard the word “frogging.” Frogging is a term used when you have to unpick stitches with your seam ripper. It is so called because you have to “rip-it” out. (Like Ribbit, frogging … get it?? ….) This method is also known as un-sewing. Needless to say I hate frogging. There is nothing in the world that I hate more than having to re-do something I just did 10 seconds ago. If I write a post here and lose the post because the internet is being wacky, I will not rewrite the post. When I take a test, I answer the questions and I never re-read them after I am done. If I make a quilt and the seams don’t line up perfectly, I embrace the imperfections and call it good because done is better than perfect in my eyes. Redoing anything is just not my thing.

That being said, sometimes I have no choice but to do a little frogging. I was recently working on a block and my seams were a little narrow so when I sewed two pieces together I ended up with some puckers, which you can see at the top of this picture:


I set the block aside for a day or two and went back and forth with myself about whether it could stay or not. As I said, I.hate.redoing.anything, so this was a real long conversation with myself about whether this could stay or not. I nearly had myself talked into not redoing it, when I looked at it again. I finally admitted that these mistakes were just too obvious and I wouldn’t be happy. So I bit the bullet and did a little frogging. I tightened up a few seams, sewed things back together, and now I have no puckers:


Though I was irritated at having to redo, I am very happy with how it looks now. Putting a few days between the original and the redo helped, and I know it will look better in the long run. I will show you the finished block tomorrow!

Happy Un-Quilting!