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Longarm Quilting – New Hampshire

Finally! I have had this customer quilt for a little bit, and was hoping to have it, and it’s two buddies, done by mid-August. Of course my longarm had a whole other idea. It decided to start giving me a hard time, and wasn’t working properly. It was very frustrating to have that happen, but sometimes things don’t always go the way you want them to. I have learned that the hard way. Luckily my longarm is now working as it should, so I can get cracking on these beautiful quilts. Today I was able to get quilt #1 done. I took some quick pics of it, it is raining out (supposedly we are going to be getting the remnants of a hurricane soon), so I had to take the picture right on my longarm. Not the best showcase of her impeccable workmanship, but I promise to take better pics soon!

I used a hunter green So Fine! thread on the quilt. It really blends in with the back, and give it a nice soft texture and detail on the front. I am really happy with how this quilting turned out. I hope it is enjoyed by the owner as well! Off to complete the other two quilts I have.

Happy Quilting!