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Big News and a Giveaway!

Yesterday my emotions ran the gambit of utterly elated to completed frightened. It was quite a roller coaster to say the least. Since my husband got out of the Marine Corps, our family has been of the dual income kind, however starting on July 31st this will no longer be the case. Yesterday I walked into my work and submitted my resignation. It was very difficult to do as I truly enjoy my job, the company, and the people I work for. But our family path has started to head in a new direction. We just feel that our son needs to be home-schooled, even if it is just for a year. He needs the space to spread his wings and grow into himself without all the rules and restrictions that are necessary in a public school. This will not be an easy time, the budget will be small, but the rewards will be huge. I cannot wait to spend more time with this amazing kid.

So that is my big news for today. It may not be big to other people but to us, this is huge!! It will be a journey for sure, but like everything else we have done in our lives we will figure it out as we go. But now I want to tell you about the giveaway part of this blog’s title!

For the next couple months I am a sponsor on Rachel (great name! :)) Griffith’s blog, P.S. I Quilt. If you haven’t seen her blog, be sure to head over there and check it out, especially today! Rachel is hosting a giveaway in honor of my new store Dewberry Lane.

Up for grabs is a pack of CuttingEDGE rulers. I have been using these rulers for a few months now and I love them!! It took a little adjusting to get accustomed to using a new ruler, but now that I have worked out all its quirks, I adore how it really sharpens my blade as I am cutting. I haven’t had to put a new blade in since I have started using it, and I can still easily cut through 6 layers of fabric!

The giveaway is a $75.00 value and includes the following rulers:

12.5″ x 12.5″
9.5″ x 9.5″
6.5″ x 12.5″
6.5″ x 6.5″
4.5″ x 4.5″

A nice variety of sizes to fit all sorts of quilting needs. Be sure to head over to Rachel’s blog to get an entry!

Ruler Giveaway

So does anyone out there in blogland home-school? Any tips or advice? I have 3 months to get a plan together, find a group and convince myself that this was the right decision to make. 😮

Happy Quilting!

9 thoughts on “Big News and a Giveaway!

  1. Wow — your life is taking a very adventurous turn! First you open your store, and now home schooling! I did not do that with my kids. However I do know people who did, and the kids really benefited. (My kids were in a city school system with great teachers and lots of diversity.) I now live in Florida, and I am sorry to say that even in elementary school, everything is geared toward yearly standardized tests, and that determines what is taught. I think it snuffs out creativity, and stops kids from going on the wild tangents that mean they are in love with learning and are curious! Good luck — I am sure your son will benefit greatly from your commitment.
    Thank you for having the giveaway. Those rulers sound fantastic!

  2. Hi! I am not commenting because I want the freebies….but because I want to encourage you on the step you are taking! I homeschooled all three of our kids till they went to college. Took me over twenty years of my life, but they were the best investment I ever could have made with those years! Please don’t let anyone tell you how it must be done – you are the best judge of that. You can tailor each day to what suits your son, and suits you. The memories you want to leave him are not those of pressure and busy work, or a frazzled mom, but good memories of reading and exploring together subjects that intrigue him. You’d be surprised how you can knit together a unit study from a casual comment…”Gee, I like sewing,” or “say, I’d like to know about castles”……finding fun books and pulling together new vocabulary words and working out math puzzles that go along with those interests. If you know of a homeschooling family that has been at it for five or ten years, those are the ones to talk to… they know that it won’t all be dad coming home to a crockpot simmering, a freshly cleaned house, and son sitting quietly doing homework!! LOL If I can be of any assistance, email me. I’ll be happy to listen, and will only give advice if asked!

  3. I never home schooled but knew others that did and they said it was a very rewarding experience. Enjoy this shared time with your son!

  4. Good luck! I think it is a wonderful thing you are doing! If you have not already discovered it read The Pioneer Womans blog. She home schools and has a section of her blog written by someone who also homeschools. Pretty great stuff.

  5. While I have not homeschooled, from friends who have know there are some home school parents groups that share info and time … plus here the children can participate in extracurricular public school events and take their standardized tests. Bookstores sometimes have a homeschool section as do Christian book shops. Also, some students I had in public charter high school had moved from home schooled and had taken virtual school classes (here it is required of every public school district to offer internet based virtual classes independently of in-classroom)… just some ideas. I know that pukingpastilles mentioned on her blog homeschooling her children (think she has 4 or 5).

  6. I do not home school but it has been on my mind a lot lately. I have four kids and and pretty worried about the kids that they spend so much time with for such a big part of the day.

  7. Don’t know a thing about homeschooling, but, for sure, wish you the very best. Sounds as though you’ve thought this through and will make a success of it. Lucky kid.

    Not to have to change a rotary blade as often as we usually do is a-ok with me. So these rulers sound great to me.


  8. Don’t have any kids so I don’t know much about homeschooling, only that those of my friends who’ve done it has had varying experiences, both good and bad but I just wanted to applaud you for trying this and wish you both the best of luck!

  9. Just saw your post – and want to applaud you! Homeschooling is the best thing you will ever do for you son. We’ve got six kiddos and homeschool ’em all. I’m a former classroom teacher – and I will tell you, hands down, that the time invested in the relationship with your kids is the biggest reward ever. Don’t let anybody scare you over academics or choosing the “right” curriculum or socialization or any of that. Just enjoy him! And have fun!

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