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Chinese Pork Recipe

We made another family favorite meal last night. We are working on keeping our calorie intake down, so finding meals that are lower in calories is a priority for us. This is a fairly simple meal, but it does take a bit to get the pork cooked, we prefer this meal for a weekend when we have more time to prepare.


Chinese Pork

Boneless Pork Ribs
Chinese Style Ah-So Sauce
Broccoli cut into small pieces

Boil pork on high for 1 hour.
Steam or boil broccoli until soft.
Turn broiler on on oven. Cut the cooked pork into bite sized chunks and mix with Ah-So sauce in a bowl. I usually use half the bottle (to help keep calories down), but it will depend on how much pork you have. You want your pieces to be fully coated in the sauce.

Spread covered pork into a single layer on a cookie sheet, I put down aluminum foil first for easy clean up. Place pan under broiler for a five minutes or so, turning the pork a few times while it is cooking. You want the sauce to caramelize on the pork, but be careful it doesn’t burn.

Serve cooked pork with your broccoli and enjoy!


The longest part of this recipe is boiling the pork to pre-cook it. You could even do this the night before and refrigerate the pork to be used the next night. When you put the pork under the broiler it will warm it right back up.

Lately I have been picking up my dinner the same night that we are eating it. I swing by the grocery store on the way home. I really like doing this as it means we don’t have a lot of extra food in the house that we are tempted to eat. Hubby and I are working on counting calories to drop a few pounds, and it’s not always easy to keep our calories low. Keeping food out of the house helps us stay on track.

Happy Eating!