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Halloween Goodie Bags

Leading up to Halloween a lot of the quilting blogs I follow had some really fun Halloweenish projects. One project that caught my eye was from Wendy at Why Knot?. She made a bunch of little totes to hold treats for her trick or treaters:

Though I really loved the idea, I knew I would never make that many in time, so I decided to just make a couple for two little girls that my son is close friends with.

The pattern comes from The Happy Zombie. She had it published at better Homes & Garden, so the pattern can now be found on their site:

It is a very easy pattern. You end up with 4 little bags out of just 2 fat quarters. I only wanted to make 2 bags, so I just adjusted my cutting accordingly, but I found it very quick to get these together. I used some of my leftover Sweet Divinty fabric that I had won a while back. The only thing I did different than the pattern, was I did a little topstitch at the top of the bag. It’s not really necessary, but I think it gives it a nice finished look. here are my two finished bags:



And to give you an idea of their size, here they are with a green apple:


I happened to have some pink ribbon around the house, but you could also make the handles from matching fabric. My husband filled the bags up with little treats for the girls, and when they came by the house to trick or treat they got this special little package. I tried to take pictures of them full, but only discovered after they were given away that my card wasn’t actually in the camera at the time!

I am totally keeping this pattern in my arsenal, I can think of so many great uses for it.

Happy Quilting!

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  1. So glad you posted this. This just reminded me that I wanted to make some small bags to use as goody bags for my son’s Birthday!

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