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Basic Grey Origins

When I did more paper scrapbooking, Basic Grey was always my favorite paper. I love the distressed, worn in look that Basic Grey is famous for. Not too long ago I discovered that Basic Grey is now turning their designs into fabric. Wonderfully pretty, distressed fabric. I have not had the chance to actually try any of their fabrics yet, so I am not sure if I will love the distressed look in a quilt, but I recently picked this up.


It’s a layer cake of Basic Grey’s line, Orgins. I am not quite sure what I will be doing with it yet, but right now I am just petting it. I have never owned a layer cake before and it just looks so darn pretty!

Any suggestions for a layer cake friendly quilt pattern? I am thinking of one called ‘Ashcombe’, but not sure yet.

Happy Quilting!

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  1. I have a charm pack of the same, and I love it! I haven’t found the perfect project for it yet. As for your layer cake, though, I am participating in a layer cake quilt along at Moose on the Porch Quilts, and if I had a layer cake of origins, I would definitely use it 😉

    Here is the link:

    We are still just on block 1 so you have time if you choose to join in!

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