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Quilty Inspiration & a Giveaway!


All the entries were so creative!! I am blown away with what you guys were able to come up with, but I could only choose one as my winner. The reason I chose the winner is because we are a joking family. We are always teasing each other and joking around. A few years ago my husband taught my son to call me ‘woman’. You have not lived a day until you hear your 4 year old say “Woman make me dinner!” LOL Of course this was all meant in fun from my husband, and I think it is hilarious. (Though we have had to have the talk about when it is appropriate to call me this, it’s a little embarassing when he says it in the middle of Wal-Mart!! Oh and that he should NEVER call any other woman this as some may not think it is funny at all.) So with that reason, the winning caption came from Dot:

Hmmm…now, where is the spot that will maximize destruction? WOMAN, KNOW WHO YOU’RE DEALING WITH!

I also used the random generator to come up with the second winner. All comments left counted for the drawing, minus any duplicate posts. There were 309 comments left and the winner of the random drawing is Billie K from Billies Bee Blog with a post of:

Who’s been sleeping on my blanky???

This week’s quilty inspiration comes from Victoria at The Silly BooDilly.

This block is called a Wonky Star. When Victoria posted a tutorial for this block on her blog (click on the picture), there was a collection of these blocks being sent to Australia to help make quilts for the Bushfire victims. I thought the block was really fun, and it fit my style really well. I used this block to make a breast cancer quilt for a friend. It was very simple to do, but I really like it because there are no points to line up. The charm of this block is in it’s wonkiness, so you don’t have to worry about being overly precise. I will probably use this block in another quilt someday, it would be a great scrap buster!

I have also signed up for the ‘Fall into Fall Giveaway’ and today is the day! This will be my first giveaway, so I want to make it a good one for you guys. Today I have decided to give away two prizes:


Each of these are a set of 10 fat quarters.


All of these fabrics are from my local quilt store, but I have discovered that they have spent too much time on my shelves. So rather than having them look all sad and forlorn, I want to send them to a home that will make them into something beautiful.

So how can you enter my giveaway? Well I have decided to do my giveaway ala ‘Pioneer Woman’. If you have never visited her blog, do it. She is so funny and her posts crack me up all the time. She hasn’t done this type of giveaway in a while, but I always thought it was so much fun.

All you have to do to enter is give me a caption for this picture that has my kitty, Ciao in it:


It can be long, short, silly or serious, just have fun! If you are not feeling a caption, you may just leave me a regular comment as well, though that’s not quite as much fun!

One winner will be drawn at random from all comments on this post only. The other winner will be my favorite caption as picked by me.

The giveaway will close on October 15th. The winners will be announced on October 17th. The contest is open to all quilters from the U.S. or internationally. Remember this is for fun!

Please feel free to poke around my blog while you are here. I recently posted about how I bind my quilts. And you can see some of my finished and unfinished quilts.

Be sure to visit the Fall into Fall Giveaway blog for lots more giveaways!

Happy Quilting!

316 thoughts on “Quilty Inspiration & a Giveaway!

  1. Meouw Ciao! that my caption!

    What beautiful fabric. Thank you for sharing.


  2. Look right
    Look left
    Look right again
    If the road is clear you may cross

    You might have to be English and of a certain age to remember this!

  3. THank you for the chance to win. Caption, “Hum, no where can I lay”

  4. “What? Now how does she expect me to properly test this quilt out with all these pins stuck in it? I can’t lay down for fear of being stuck to death!”

  5. “Um, I think you missed a spot here Rachel.”

  6. “pin…pin…pin…BUG!!!!!”

  7. “She makes ME put in all these pins and then blames me when there’s hair on her quilt. Sheesh!”
    Cute pic, and lovely fabric 🙂

  8. Pins, Pins Every where!

  9. “Looks like you missed a spot over here…”

  10. Whoops!! Where did that pin go?

  11. Wonderful give away!! Thanks for the chance to win!! Caption: Kitty on a Hot Pinned Roof…

  12. Now where is the most comfortable spot to lie down? I can’t decide.

  13. “I am so glad Rachel put me in charge of pin basting her quilt….I hate sewing on bindings!”

  14. “One pin, two pins, three pins, four. See mommy, I can count!!”

    Would love to win your igveaway!


  15. qué bonitas las telas y las cosas que haces, estuve revisando tu blog…

  16. “STOP!!! I think it moved!!!!” thanks for the chance to win!

  17. It’s a bug!! (no, just a pin)

  18. Love the contest group!
    Cat on a hot pinned roof!

  19. Thank you for the FQs offer on this fun Fall into Fall Giveaway. I’m enjoying HOPPING today.
    Good thing it’s not too physical though…LOL

  20. How can I make a “Nest” with all these pins in here? Maybe just lay carefully HERE.

  21. Cute photo and lovely give away!

    My caption would be: Here let me get that pin for you!

  22. First is was “Step on the crack, break your mother’s back”, now they throw pins into the mix…what’s up with these people!

    Thanks for a fun giveaway!

  23. Following your blog now, because I want to begin making quilts and love to see everyones ideas and helpful tips! Thanks!

  24. thanks for a fun giveaway

    caption: Now what? I didn’t see those open pins before I decided to take a stroll on here

  25. how about “Is that a paw print I see there ?” Love the quilt . Great giveaway as well , would be more than pleased to make something from one of these fatquarters.

  26. “Inspecting the seams.” What nice accurate works she does.

  27. Hey, that pin over there isn’t straight. Where would you be without me watching your back…. now go and fix it , PLEASE

  28. Wait, is this what I think it is? A mouse? She quilted a MOUSE on MY QUILT?!?

  29. “This must be the cat version of walking on nails” LOL

  30. I LOVE LOVE wonky stars!! I am going to poke through your blog to see how you put them together! because mine are just sitting in a pile!

    I think the caption for the picture should be:

    “you missed one over here”

  31. Yuck! I guess she mut have said “quilt basting” not “quilt tasting!” Lovely fat quarters. Thanks for the chacne to win!!!

  32. Which I can choose it!

  33. Wonderful giveaway. Please enter me in the drawing!

    Hmmm. I like the stripes, but it looks like they are divided into lanes for a race or something.

  34. “How does she expect me to take ALL these pins out with just my teeth??”

    That is what my cat tries to do. For some reason he loves to chew on my pins, crazy cat.

    Love your wonky star, looks so crisp and perfect. 🙂

  35. “Hey Rachel, you missed a spot over here…hand me a pin”!!

  36. “I think she pinned my tail to this thing” I love kitties. I have 4 of my own. Thanks for the giveaway!

  37. “Can I help”? Thanks for the chance for the generous giveaway!

  38. “How many more pins does this quilt need”

    Great give away.

  39. “Sshhhh…did you hear that? I think a spider is trapped in the layers and trying to get out.”

  40. I think the kitty is saying ” hope she doesn’t put any more pins in my quilt”

  41. “umm, mom that pin is crooked, should i fix it?”

    thought as long as i was here I would play along, but ummmm i’m here for a different reason………………….you left a “no reply” message on my blog, want to come back and try again?? Cyndi

  42. “Better get off…this quilt is dangerous!”….What a cute pic of your cat and thanks for a wonderful giveaway.

  43. What a generous giveaway…please count me in :o) As for a about “hmm you’ve got so many pins in the quilt, I’m gonna hurt myself when I lie down in the middle of it!”

  44. “How much longer until it is done. I am tired”

    tahearn at roadrunner dot com

  45. “Hmmmmm, My claw is stuck in the safety pin. If I stay here long enough she will think I am admiring her beautiful quilt.” THanks for the giveaway.

  46. i would caption it “finish my quilt already, step away and lets me show you how itz done”
    thanks for hosting the giveaway!
    songyueyu at gmail

  47. I can’t believe she used this fabric….I told her I wanted Mice on my quilt!!!!!

  48. “Hey, that pin’s still open!”

    I can’t imagine why, but cats seem to be genetically engineered to be part of the quilting process!

  49. “Was that a hand width or a paw width between pins?”
    Cute picture!!!

  50. “And to think I do all this quilt basting for just a dish of kibble!”

  51. Thanks for the chance to win!

    Caption: “Hey mom! You missed a spot!”

  52. Thank you for the chance!

  53. “I hope she gets MY quilt finished soon!” Thanks for the chance!

  54. She’s ruined my blankie! How could she do this to me……

  55. Mooooooooom, itz haz too many pwins in itz!

  56. How am I suppose to lie on this! Thanks for the generous giveaway and I bookmarked your turorials.

  57. “ouch! XX##%% I pricked my paw.”

  58. “I wonder why she keeps putting these ouchy things on my sleeping spot??”

    Thank you for the generous giveaway! I would love to be entered. I love cats (we have three)!

    Blessings, Jessica

  59. Ciao! I am your father!!! (as spoken by my orange marmie Zoomer :D) Your kitty is a doll 🙂

    Thank you for a lovely giveaway!

    Sandra (Canada) 🙂

  60. Caption: Where did the mouse go? Thanks for hosting a giveaway!

  61. “mmm these pins are sure hard to get done up. Thats the 10th time i’ve satbbed my tongue.:

  62. “Come on Mom, I’ve got it all straight and I’m holding it down, get those pins over here.”

  63. “Duuuude…that tail keeps following me everywhere.”

  64. “I see a cozy spot over here.” I see you have a very cute quilt inspector, my little maltese dogs love to lay on my quilts and make sure the seams are perfectly matched. Beautiful fabrics, thanks for the chance. I hope you’ll stop by my fall giveaway as well. Happy Blog Hopping!

  65. “Well this seems like a nice quilt….I like the blues. Don’t really match my fur but they are pretty. it’s soft… the batting must be the right thickness. How are her stitches? Hmm doesn’t look like she’s started quilting it yet. She must get on with it. I need somewhere to sleep!” Thanks for a chance at a nice giveaway.

  66. “Ancient Chinese Kitty Toture”

    kbsteuber at yahoo dot com

  67. Caption: Where’s my tail again?

  68. “I said, PAWS OFF my quilt!”

    Thanks for the chance to win your fat quarter giveaway!

  69. Is she kidding me? Today she wants to baste a quilt and all I want to do is play?!

  70. “It is so hard to work these pins without opposable thumbs!”

    Thanks for the chance to win! The fabrics are beautiful.

  71. What a wonderful giveaway! 🙂 I love the fabrics.

    Caption: “Where’d I put that thimble???”

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  72. Ciao says “This looks so much easier when Rachel does it!”

  73. Ciao is saying, “If I promise not to shed can I lay on your quilt?”

  74. Hello Rachel. I think Ciao is saying, ‘Look mom, a shiny flea!’ LOL Wonderful giveaway. Very pretty fabrics. By the way Ciao is a a very pretty kitty. I made Christmas stockings last year for the grandkids with those wonky starts at the top. I loved them. They work up really quick. Have a great day. Winona

  75. Ciao says “I love to baste, but isn’t there any yarn around this place?”

  76. Ouch!!!! I pinned my paw to the quilt!!!
    hehe Thanks!!

  77. Caption – How am I gonna get this done by the deadline?
    Thanks for the giveaway for the cute fat quarters.

  78. Caption: ” oh I just cant seem to get this pin closed, mom put down the camera and help me”

    Ann Flowers

  79. Ciao (who is now a lolcat) says “CAN YOU HAZ ANY MOAR PINZ?!?!?”

  80. .Caption:
    Hey Maw – what are you trying to do to my paws- All those pokey things in my paw work!

    Thanks for hosting such a nice a giveaway- they are very fun fat quarters.
    Regards from a Western Canadian quilter,

  81. Love the chicken quilt.

    Caption: I know I left that tuna here somewhere.

  82. “Find the string, find the string, find the string…. TAIL!”

  83. “where’s that mouse….. where is it”
    thanx so much for hosting what a fab prize!!!

  84. Thank you for the lovely giveaway! The quilt is pretty!
    Caption ” She knows I like something with a little more bling!”

  85. “Hey there, what are you guys queing up for?”
    I have a cat myself and she always wants to inspect my work, it be quilting, knitting or something else 🙂 Your cat is cute but so is your Fall into Fall gift. I wouldn’t mind winning that one 🙂

  86. OK Blue means water, so where is MY Fish mum.
    Wonderful prize love the expression on the cats when we lay out quilts. Some of mine zoom across the room just to ensure I mix my blocks.

  87. Great giveaway! love the ktty picture.
    caption; Mom you missed a spot, aske me how I meowwwwwww!

  88. “Which way do I go, Which way do I go?!”

  89. Wonderful fabrics, my favorite kind of prize. Whoo hoo.

    Ciao says “You said you needed a hand with the spacing of your pins, all I can give you is a paw.”

    Thank you for offering this great giveaway.
    Chris Dahl

  90. “Inspector #2104 Hard At Work!”

  91. I really like your binding tutorial.
    I do mine that way and hand sew to the back, but my corners don’t always come out right.

    Caption: ” I don’t think these are spaced right, you need to do it over again”


  92. The title would be “The cat with the tile”
    Great gift .. Thanks for the oportunidd in your drawing.


  93. Is it done yet? Thanks for the chance to win!

  94. “If I help you with this, will you play with me after???”

    Great fabrics!! Thanks for participating!

  95. caption: Another pin goes right about this far apart…

  96. Mom hurry up and pin. I have a mouse in this sandwich. mmmm mouse sandwich.

    I love the wonky star! I need to learn how to make those.

  97. “Okay, there’s 1,2,3,4,5,6 pins in that row, and there’s…..whoa, what was that over there! Oh sugar, I lost count – AGAIN!”

    Too fun, thanks for the opportunity – Elizabeth

  98. Hm… looks to be the perfect spot for a hairball deposit. Now to practice angles, trajectory, velocity…

  99. Thanks for the chance!

    8 rows down, 20 to go…this basting thing is for the dogs!

  100. “Hey Mom! You missed a spot right there! Needs a pin!”

    Thanks for a chance to win your lovely goodies!

  101. I wonder what happens if I unhook these things…

  102. I hate basting too!

  103. to quote Ciao, “these pins bite me.”

  104. I lost my contact lens …Mommmmmm!!!!

  105. Caption: “Shoot! Which path do I take?”

  106. “Meow, that pin hurt.”

  107. My kitties love to help me when I quilt. So the caption might be.
    Mine would think the pins are bugs or something to play with.
    I think the caption would say. “aren’t you done yet? it’s time for a nap.”
    Hope you have a great day.

  108. “Wait, who sewed all my pretty ribbon toys together?”

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  109. “Why can’t I move? Oh, no… she pinned me again…”

  110. “Wow, this blue goes really well with my fur…!”

  111. “How much more to go? … My paws hurt …”

    Thanks for such an AWESOME giveaway! The photo is lovely!
    You are of course very welcome to stop over at my blog and enter my giveaway … you could win some custom-made buttons …
    Have a lovely weekend!


  112. Looks like she is thinking “Which way do I go????”
    Lovely giveaway

  113. I hope she doesn’t pin me down next

  114. “What the heck? Where do you lay?

  115. She pinned my paw!

  116. Who’s been sleeping on my blanky???


  117. My girls say “Wonder if I can unpin these before she notices???”

    we have one that looks JUST like this! She was one of 6 orange tabbys, and the only one without socks. Her name? “Barefoot”!

  118. My cat is always on my quilts-and we never complain, do we?

    Your kitty might be thinking “No sneaking up on me. This is my quilt!”
    BTW, she is a darling.

    Thanks for your very pretty giveaway, which I would love to win.

  119. “You missed one here!” Thanks for adding some fun to the giveaway.

  120. Owww! What got me?

    Cute cat!

    Tha fabrics in your giveaway look lovely!

  121. Oh I love this one sweetie…
    How fun this is. I have so enjoyed myself Blog Hopping with this Fall HOP.
    I thank each of you for the wonderful opportunities to meet and find your
    beautiful blog homes. Yours is so warm and fun.

    Now I believe this kitty is saying:
    Mom, When is dinner, how much longer until we are done?
    Are we there yet? Hu Mom, Are we? You said we have how
    many more to go?

    Oh I could go on forever, I love captions. How beautiful your work is.
    Thank you for sharing sweet friend.

    I am Country Wings In Phoenix, your newest follower. I can’t wait
    to see what you share next. Please stop by and say hi. I would be
    so honored if signed up to follow my blog as well. I love meeting new
    friends and sharing new ideas.

    Have a beautiful Saturday sweetie. Country hugs, Sherry

  122. One day Ciao kitty was happilly bedding down on his new kitty bed when suddenly he cried out, “Ack!!! Pin swarm! Run for your lives!!!!”

  123. These things wont stop me. I will lay on it anyway. Now, where’s a good spot.

  124. I know she said this was a subtle print, but I’m not seeing the fish.

  125. “You do realize that pinning it all together like this makes it more difficult for me to scratch through to the quilt batting, don’t you?”

  126. “Can I help, please? You never let me help!”

  127. The Quilt Police is on the prowl………

  128. Blue water that feels dry, shiny fish that stick out of the water… who’s she kidding? I’ll survive just fine if she leaves.

    I LOVE Pioneer Woman and what a fun giveaway.

  129. My caption would be this:
    Gulp, Help!

  130. What are these shiny things?

  131. Its OK mom – I am here to help!

  132. I think you missed one over here.

  133. “Honey, where did you put the pins?”

  134. “Uh, Rachel, how many times do I have to tell you? The pins MUST go in straight!”

    Cute cat! Great fabric!


  135. These pins are not going to make my quilt very comfortable to sleep on.

  136. Caption: Ciao wants some chow.
    Thank you for this lovely prize for your first giveaway.
    Both my Mum and I quilt, so know one of us will find a home for the FQ in a new quilt (soon). Alternate email mlwright29 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  137. Is this my new blanket?

    I love to check out the Pioneer Woman’s site. So much fun things on there.

  138. I see you over there trying to sneak off. Straighten up!

  139. “Okay Mom, I know how this looks, but ya gotta believe me…I didn’t bend these pins! They were like that when I got here!!!

  140. Hey Mom, You have more pins. How long have I got to hold this down.

  141. Hello once again, it seems I am one of the no-reply bloggers. With this comment I am hoping to correct my mistake. My blog is My Homemade Life and my user name is sewsecret. My e-mail is sewsecret (at) gmail (dot) com. I hope it is not too late to correct my mistake. Thank you.

  142. Come on….can’t you just space these pins far enough away that I can find a comfy spot????

  143. MMM not sure I would have put that colour there!!! Thank you for the giveaway.

  144. Thanks for the giveaway. The caption ‘ Nape Time’

  145. I KNOW that mouse is under there somewhere!

  146. “I know I just saw one move. So many so little time.” Love your blog and the fat quarters. Just added you to my list of favorite bloggers. Thanks

  147. Bees, Bees. I thought you said there was going to be a quilting bee. All I see is pins. I want Bees; bees mean honey and I like honey. It makes my fur all….oh, oh….sticky. On the quilt. I’d etter run! (think she’d find me under the quilt?)

    1. ….I’d “etter run”?? Where’s the B….. Oh, told you there should have been a “B”.

  148. “Mom! These things are pokey! You’re disturbing my happy napping place!”

  149. Now just where did I stop quilting?

  150. “here safety pin, here safety pin, come out come out where ever you are!”


    “ohh shiny… i love shiny things!!!”

    thanks for the giveaway!

    tracy dawson

  151. hmmmm…. I know I left my catnip mouse around here somewhere…. did mom quilt it?? meow!

    Thanks for the great give away


  152. “Make sure you put another pin here … and here. Thank goodness I’m here to help you!”

  153. Let me help, OUCH, Let me help, Ouch. Ok so how do I get out safely

  154. “I know these tracks….mice tracks!!!. Which way did he go, which way did he go? It looks like a maze, hmm mice like mazes…but I am a cat. these tracks are NOT helping me!!!”
    Ciao reminds me of my favourite cat, Casey, she loved lingering and lounging on my quilts. Thanks for the gorgeous giveaway opportunity! I am new to blogging so my site is a learning project but it is up! Please feel free to visit.

  155. What a fun kitty!

    “My nap spot is lumpy!”

  156. What a lovely giveaway! Thanks for giving me a chance to win!

    nblexp at gmail dot com

  157. “Now where did I put those darn pins, I need to get this thing done!”

  158. “I feel like I have been pinning forever. Wish this quilt would quilt itself.”

  159. Thank you for such a great giveaway

  160. “Oh snap! Step on a crack, break your mama’s back. How far can I jump?”

  161. “Is this my new litter box? Fancy!”

  162. I’m so bad at captions…and there have been so many good ones, so I won’t torture anyone with mine.
    He (she?) is an adorable cat. Love the photo.

  163. Cute kitty but I have no “creative caption” (or title for that matter) bone in my body!

    Promote your giveaway on the new Quilty Giveaways site (it’s free) help me grow a one stop site of fellow quilters that are hosting giveaways. Don’t forget to follow the new site too!

  164. Thanks Mom for laying out this perfect napping spot and for these toys, now I must snuggle on your hard work make sure you see me so you can pet me 🙂

  165. Not very good with “cute”. Thanks for the giveaway.

  166. Quilt Inspector Ciao on duty!!

  167. Mom’s projects are usually so comfortable to curl up on. What are all these little lumps doing in my way?

  168. Waaaaait just a darned minute! Are there dogs on this fabric?

  169. I did lots of those star blocks for the bushfire victims in Aussy !
    I would love to win your fabrics!
    As for a caption.. not feeling it.. I’m ill today! and I’m more into dogs! lol

  170. I’m just so over this pinning stuff!

  171. “Hey !! I think you missed a spot! right over here!!

    I have been quilting for many years, never been to a show!! thanks for sharing the great photos 🙂

  172. “OMG I just barfd! I shall nevr, evr eats a quits again until you say it’s done mom, I promizes!”

    Lovely prizes and thank you so very much for hosting this, what a fun way to do a giveaway! <3

    1. “quits” should be “quilt”, lost an L and added an S somehow in the process =)

  173. “hum, how can I best disrupt her work?”
    Brilliant giveaway, thanks!

  174. I know I just put a pin there. Where did it go?

  175. “Hmmm…now, where is the spot that will maximize destruction? WOMAN, KNOW WHO YOU’RE DEALING WITH!”

    Oh, I love this way of doing the giveaway!!

  176. Hey…Ma! You missed closing one of these pins, and it’s sharp……..kinda like my claws!

  177. I hate it when mum is putting all these needles in my bed:-/

  178. “Step on a crack, break your mother’s back’ is nothing compaired to this walking death trap!!!

    kind of dumb I know…

    thanks for participating in the hop!
    freeindeed at myfairpoint dot net

  179. so many safety pins, so little time….

  180. “How does she expect me to help with all these sharpies around?”
    “Time for a nap… uh, but not here!”


  181. Me pawz hurtz from all zis pinnings. Thankz goodnezz theze row eez almost done.

  182. *Please tell me my tail is not pinned down back there!*

    My old cat of 15 yrs has just started chasing his tail again like mad. Hope yours doesn’t indulge on this quilt!! Thanks for the giveaway. And the brain wake up this afternoon! Fun to read the other comments, too.

  183. “That’s not what I’d call a scant 1/4″ but it’s near enough!”

  184. “My furry helper”

    Thanks for the give away.

  185. Navigating a minefield of pins is worth it to get to a cozy napping spot!

  186. I have been trying for 47 minutes to get this pin in……I am about ready to pull my hair out….

  187. I have a cat just like yours. Love cats!!! Thank you for the chance to win those beautiful fabrics.

    “Ok mom, I understand why you made me a new bed but why are you adding all the shiny things?”

  188. Ummmm….no bologna….no cheese.
    Quilt sandwich? I think not….

  189. “chasing safety pins”

  190. Inspector Kitty Cat at your service. Just making sure you have those pins in correctly. Don’t want you to get hurt.

  191. I’m trying to find a good place to sleep!!

  192. How soon will Mom have this quilt ready for me to nap in?

    Inspector Ciao on the job making sure it’s done right!

  193. I’ve got Cat Scratch Fever!!! thanks for the chance to win, I enjoyed perusing the blog.

  194. I love Pioneer Woman, but I have never been able to come up with a caption. Alas, I have the same problem here. But is sure is fun to read what others have come up with!

  195. “Help! I got my paw caught in the pin when I closed it.”
    “Oh No, Not Again!” I got my paw caught in the pin when I closed it.

  196. Ouch those pins are sharp. Thanks for the giveaway!

  197. “Now where am I supposed to sleep, these pins are in my way – if we just move these…”

  198. No quilt is complete without a little cat hair!

  199. “Ciao, unfinished quilt!!!”

    Thanks for the chance – what a fun way to do your give-away!!!

  200. What a cute idea for your giveaway!!

    “Didn’t she just cut all of this stuff up? Why would she want to sew it back together? Silly human!”

  201. ‘Why does she always mess up my favorite napping place? Can’t she just leave it in a nice pile, without flattening it out and adding all those sharp shiny things to it?’
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  202. What are these anyway? They’re certainly not very tasty!

  203. Cat gives quilt inspection before giving approval to complete his new cat bed.

  204. Will the pins keep the DOG away?

    Cute fabric for give away.

  205. I love this kind of give away and when I saw that picture the first thing that came into my mind was … ( first I must eaplain this …I don’t know how they call the footpath in english, is it also zebra path? as we called it in Dutch, a striped path where you can cross over the road to the other side)
    Well when I saw this picture …
    “Can I ?, can I? … no wait … can I now? … oh those damn pins on the path … please remove them because I want to walk over the zebra path to the other side of the road … please hurry … can I ?

    That was what Ciao was thinking LOL

    BTW the fabric for your give away is just beautiful

  206. “46…47…48…49…50. Yep, you have enough pins in this row.”

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  207. Ciao says “Um – how much longer do you need me to hold this part?”

    Thanks for the chance to win your nice giveaway?

  208. This pin, here, two to the left, needs to be fixed. It’s out of line.

    Great fabric!

  209. “I know there’s a spot around here that I didn’t get cat hair on!”

  210. i know i hid my toy under here, now she pinned it to this material. i need help!!!!!

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    Gorgeous fabrics! Thanks for the opportunity to win them.

  212. as soon as am done basting am heading out to play.

  213. “I think she missed a pin right here.” Love the picture. My cat does the same thing, and it makes me laugh, usually:)

  214. I take it this is mine!
    Thanks for such a fun giveaway.

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  216. My caption for your great pic is ‘wait a minute I thought I was doing the basting’

  217. I get the point! Now move those things so I can sleep.

  218. This looks like a nice spot for a nap.

  219. I read almost all of the comments, there were really funny ones in there, you must have been laughing like crazy for the last days!
    And while I am here, I might try myself. How about: “Now these flies are really hard to chew and they taste kind of funny. Next time we are taking mine.”
    My cat always chases and eats any spiders, flies or bugs that come across her way so I imagine that she would also chase my pins. Another good reason to never let her enter my work room, I would never find my pins again!

  220. Hoppy, skippy, jumpy, ! Why is this quilt so lumpy?

  221. “ewww….stickers!!!!”

    The kitty is sure thinking something. Cute. Cute.
    Thanks for this giveaway.

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  223. Ciao says…”. Whoops, wrong blue strip here!”
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  224. Caption: Look at those crooked seams!

  225. The pins are marching one by one Hurrah, Hurrah!

    Fun Giveaway.

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    Lovely giveaway fabrics – thanks for the chance to win some.

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  235. I think I did an excellent job, especially since that human had to help.

  236. My cat is all about getting into whatever I’m doing, and ironically he looks a lot like Ciao without a tail….
    Caption, you ask? Certainly:

    “…and the best way to teach her a lesson? … yes, I believe that was it.”

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  238. Ha! She can’t add any more pins with me sitting here.

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    Thanks for the giveaway…so sweet!

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    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  242. Caption – “hmmm… this Frogger looked much easier on the computer”

    Such fun FQs 🙂 Thanks for this chance 🙂


  243. I always knew that orange and blue were complimentary colors. But this is ridiculous!!!


    mj.kortus at gmail dot com

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    Thanks for such a great giveaway.

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    Were can a cat take her CAT NAP !!!

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    Love the FQs! Thanks for participating in the giveaway

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    Thank you

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    Pirjo from Finland

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    I went to your binding tutorial and it was great. I like how you make your sewing line to attach the binding strips together.
    Great giveaway!

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    Marika Hungary

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    “Let me see, where was I?…eleventy-one, eleventy-two, eleventy-three…wait a minute, I’m a Cat, I don’t DO pins!”

    Thanks for the chance to play along and good luck to everyone! Happy Fall and hugs to Ciao!



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    Lovely fabrics in your giveaway!

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    “She got the stripes part right, but the colour is all wrong! They are supposed to be ginger!”

    Hope you like my silly efforts. Thanks for the great giveaway.

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    Thanks for the giveaway!

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    Enjoying your blog!

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    I am entering for my daughter Mel, her computer is down and she called and asked if once again I would enter her in contests, I couldn’t say no as she helps my wife and her mother with their charity quilting projects. I try to support them any way that I can.
    thank you for putting our name in your drawing. Florida area

  279. If only I had opposable thumbs, I could help her with this tedious task.

  280. In my best announcer voice, – – “Ciao, you must place the remaining safety pins in their proper position. No lifelines and you must complete this level. Remember you have A MINUTE TO WIN IT! Ciao, your time starts now!”
    nsue21702 at gmail dot com

  281. “say WHAT?”
    great giveaway & creative entry 🙂
    thx for the dbl opp!!
    bless you ~

  282. Waiting for Winter!

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    thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    I have also joined your site.

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    Great giveaway, by the way!

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    Sorry I have a warped mind, actually that is what MY cat would say!

    Thanks for the chance to enter, those fat quarters would find a nice home with my I am in the process of gathering different asian prints for a fan quilt.

    Happy quilting!

  293. “I wonder if she’d notice if I hid some of those pins.”
    Thanks for the chance to win.

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    “Once she finishes this quilt, it’s MINE!”

    warnerar at hotmail dot com

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    thanks for the giveaway.

    ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

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    Thanks for including me in your giveaway! Great pic!

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    🙂 xoxo melzie
    PS I love PW!

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    My caption would be:
    Where have all the pretty flowers gone?

    Take care, Leslie

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    If I just had opposing thumbs!

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